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I see beauty in you. Do you?

What does healthy skin mean to you? Taking care of your face is essential. Skin Care as an added revenue stream.


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Why I Love To Travel

Posted on Nov 20 by

Invigorating Myself Some days I feel like my life is so routine, I get bored.  I know there is so much more out there.  I love people and seeing where people live and their...



Posted on Oct 23 by

Why is Solitude so difficult? Most of my days are spent with people, on the computer or busy doing things.  Being an extrovert, I enjoy being with people, surrounded by people,...



Posted on Oct 19 by

Contrasts fascinate me.  The eyes are drawn to contrasts whether size or color.  Color can create independence, safety and access to what it is being used for. I was reminded of...


10 Ways to Change Your Mindset

Posted on Oct 2 by

I believe it is possible to change your mindset.  Start slow and be intentional.  As I get older, my thoughts and mindset are more important. Knowledge, awareness, habits are...


Saying Good Bye To Friends

Posted on Sep 25 by

Saying goodbye to friends causes so much emotion.  When health is part of a move, maybe it makes it harder, maybe easier.  Ultimately moving is hard. Moving is complicated for...