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Go Light – When It Comes To Packing

Saying you are taking one suitcase and taking one suitcase is another thing all together.  So I tried this on a recent 12 day trip to New York City.

1 Know what clothing and especially shoes are worn in the area you are traveling to.  In New York City many people, especially women wear tennis shoes and flats, because of the walking and running to catch the subway.

2 Wear clothing more than one day and layer your clothing

3 Forget all the fancy shoes and take what is needed to be comfortable.

4 Toiletries – this is where I struggle.  So get some little containers.  Forget packing shampoo, rinse, and blow dryer for hair as most places will provide these in your lodging. Body wash and sun block can be purchased once you arrive at your destination, usually inexpensively.

5 Find coats that are warm, yet not bulky.  I take my puffy coat, it is like a sleeping bag and folds up very small, yet is warm.

6 Choose clothing that doesn’t wrinkle, thin fabric and can be worn with several things.  Take tops that can be worn with a skirt as well as shorts and pants.  Take colors that won’t show stains.

7 Pack for 7 days, no matter how long your traveling, pack just for 7 days when it comes to clothing.  Use shampoo to wash clothing and hang in the shower to dry. Most lodging provides an iron, if wrinkling is an issue.

8 Roll clothing and pack vertically.  You can roll pants and a shirt together, skirt and a shirt, shorts and a shirt. Solid colors go together, better than patterns.  Pick a main color and have your clothing all go together with that main color.

9 If you are asking yourself, “what if” – then don’t pack it.  What if it rains, What if it snows, What if we go clubbing, What if………..

10 Put things together – put socks in shoes. Put undergarments in pockets.

11 Forget all the jewelry.  Bring 1-2 pairs of earrings, and a necklace that can be worn with many different colors of clothing.  Leave the bracelets at home.

12 Wear the bulky clothing and shoes on the plane. Boots and jeans take up space, so wear them to your destination.

Now go and enjoy!!!