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It’s spring time in the Rockies.  And the white winter skin wants to come out in the sun.

An even full body tan with amazing skin is not a dream, it can be reality.  A golden -brown tan can help you look slimmer. No self tanner can replace the serotonin and Vitamin D that mother nature provides.  Starting out the season with some color is desirable.

Get your bathing suit out and let’s get tan.   Here are 7 steps to keep in mind when tanning for the spring and summer seasons

1 SPF Sun Protection

Use protection anytime you are outside or even work inside with windows that allow sun to come in.  SPF protection should be applied every two hours to any skin that is not covered.

2 Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin before applying self tanning.  Get the dead skin off  to help make your suntan even and natural looking.

3 Hydration

After exfoliating apply a fragrance-oil free lotion or hydration product to your skin, especially the ankles, feet, knees and elbows.  These areas are dryer than other parts of your skin and can cause uneven tanning.

4 Self Tanning

Apply the self tanner, evenly and making certain it is fully rubbed in over all parts of the skin that are desired to be tanned.  Allow the tanner to dry fully before putting on clothing.

5 Scrub Your Hands

Exfoliate your hands after applying the self tanner, especially between fingers and over knuckles.

6 Go Outdoors

Apply SPF outdoors as usual with self tanners. Moisturize the skin and hydrate with water throughout the day.  Protect your eyes with sunglasses and wearing a hat helps with sun on the face.

7 Shower and Moisturize

Shower after being outside and having applied SPF, getting the oils and dirt off your skin.  Moisture your skin with a moisturizer after a shower.