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pamela_bw Pamela Bussi likes to listen to people’s stories, they make her smile, everyone wants to be heard and listening to someone’s story creates connection. 



I studied at Montana State University, getting a BS in business, management with a minor in marketing.  I studied with New York Institute of Photography with an emphasis in portraiture.  Working along side my husband with Ideal Photography.

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How  Pamela got to where she is…

My journey to understanding good skin, beautiful skin and taking care of my skin came late in life.  As a farm and ranch kid, skin care was not something I paid any attention to.  When I entered college, I learned so much about being a young lady, taking care of your skin, how to apply makeup and being your best, understanding how to dress.  Seeing myself in a photo used to be something I would shy away from.

Pam and PaulMy skin had sun damage, chicken pox scars, large pores and dead skin laying on top of my skin.  I learned about dead skin, how it ages your skin and how to change my sun damaged dark spots and scars.     As a photographer, good looking skin just jumps out.  Skin that shines because of clear skin, not oil and skin that creates beautiful portraiture with little or no Photoshop editing is just wonderful.


Something that’s uniquely you – your story – your trials and pain

Writing your story is like finding yourself and sharing yourself with others. Writing your story finds your interests and passions and allows you to change to enhance where you are in life. What is your WHY? Sharing your story will help others and can build your next career. Are you ready to get started?


Storytelling Your Way To Success


I am a farm and ranch girl from northern Montana. Life on a farm is simple and a family event. Northern Montana in the 60’s was filled with oil rigs and minute man missile sites.

At age 12 my father taught we to start a conversation

I learned extemporaneous presentations.  

I have never stopped bullshitting.  

 I am now a part of a group of people, The Baby Boomers. My first introduction to a computer was in 1977 at the University.  The hard drive filled a room, it was a DOS system, I learned Cobalt and Fortran. Management has become entrepreneurial leadership – Marketing has become social media marketing.

Today, I share my knowledge, empowering others, sharing the pitfalls and road blocks that once stopped me.

I connect through conversation as a network marketing professional working with Rodan and Fields Skin Care.

If you can make someone feel something then you’re half way to persuading them to buy our product or services, and telling your story is the best way to make someone feel.

Skin Care connects me with people. I teach lifestyle prospecting.

SO the conversation might start out like –

  • Tell Me More About…
  • What is the best part of……..
  • How did you get into…….
  • What is your biggest challenge

We love telling stories, we love hearing them, and our brains are built to remember them (rather than lists of facts and figures). Stories make us what we are, remind us of when we’re at our worst, and celebrate our absolute human best. For me, it’s the only way to communicate.

SO what is your story?? DO you know how to share it on social media and do you know how to create an income with your story??

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