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10 Ways to Change Your Mindset

Posted by on Oct 2, 2017 in Lifestyle, Problem Solving | Comments Off on 10 Ways to Change Your Mindset

I believe it is possible to change your mindset.  Start slow and be intentional.  As I get older, my thoughts and mindset are more important.

Knowledge, awareness, habits are part of lifestyle

Losing weight, stop smoking or drinking, drugs, and the list goes on.  When the mind besides to stop or change – there will be a change.

The mind can be trained by see things in a new way

10 ways to change your Mindset:

1- Find positive friends – fire those friends that are not lifting you up and excited for you.  Women sometimes don’t like other women that are pretty, successful and on top of their game.  Join groups online or become a part of groups and events in your area.

2- What thoughts are dragging you down – where do you find yourself frustrated, what angers you, when do you raise your voice, when do you use the “F” bomb. Journal on this topic for 5 days and come up with a list of things that bring negativity to your thoughts or words.

3- Turn off the news – start your day with a positive word, reading the bible or meditating. Find others ways to get your news.  Ask if you really need to read the news every day.  What is the reason you watch the news.

4- Give back – find ways to give back to your community, families in your neighborhood, relatives and friends. Become a server, a servant, someone who thinks of others before themselves.

5-The cup is half full – when situations arise, see the positive and start to eliminate negative thoughts.

6-Think about tomorrow – write out your goals for tomorrow, the week, the month, the year, 5 years, 10 years. Where do you see yourself in a month, year, 5 years, 10 years.  What is on your bucket list.

7- Healthy lifestyle – what does a healthy lifestyle look like. Less smoking or drinking, eating healthier, losing weight, smile more, exercise, getting better sleep, having more energy.  List out your definition of a healthy lifestyle.

8- Get in touch with old friends – have you lost track of friends that were there for you when life was challenging. Rekindle some friendships.  Make an effort to call or write a friend once a week.

9- Start your day off on the right foot – how do you start your day. Find positive words, scripture reading, exercise, meditation first thing in the morning, if only for 5 minutes.  Make your day intentional with a positive word.

10- Track your success – make a chart of the changes you want to see and mark off your accomplishments, forget about how unsuccessful you are, only keep track of your successes. If you have a day with no successes, not an issue, chart tomorrow.  Make a vision board and write on your vision board daily. Come up with something that will work for you and keep track of where you want to be and the journey to becoming who you want to become.

Enjoy the journey!  This is not a race!



Saying Good Bye To Friends

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Saying goodbye to friends causes so much emotion.  When health is part of a move, maybe it makes it harder, maybe easier.  Ultimately moving is hard.

Moving is complicated for those moving as well as those staying behind.  Friendships are created and then it feels like they are partially broken when a move takes place.   Farewells and change is an inevitable part of life.

This relationship of leaving and separation starts at a young age.  Think about putting little ones to bed, there is a separation in the home, bedroom walls, saying good night.  Then a babysitter comes into play, preschool and school, overnight stays and weekend trips.

Acknowledging the emotion and the feelings that go with a move is important.  Take the time to grieve.

Good byes happen in adult life with moving, divorce, children leaving for college, children moving out of the house, marriage and the list goes on.  Somehow when a move for health takes place there seems to be more of a heart tug.  Some places have better health care and more to offer a person with health concerns.

My friend Daniel had a stroke two years ago and has lost his speech and has mobility challenges.  Living in the mountains of Montana there is limited healthcare, limited therapists and weather concerns, like winter 9 months of the year.  We say in Montana there are two seasons; winter and road construction.  Moving to Florida is the answer with family and friends in the area, more medical facilities, therapists and weather that is conducive to being outside on a regular basis, more than just 3-4 months a year without snow and cold weather.

Clara is a women with such strength and moving to Florida will be a breath of fresh air – forget the snow and the difficulties of mountain weather, lack of health care and therapists.  Clara will awaken a new spirit when the dust settles and life gets back to a normal pace with regular habits and daily activities.

The transition and anticipation of packing, moving, children involved, apprehension of the decision, friends saying the craziest things, others expectations cause much anxiety.  Get through the BS of making a move, what others think and getting on with life.  Keep in mind that life will get easier with time.  Get through the move and the emotions.

For now let the grief of life’s changes settle and take the time to breath and consider the impact that friends have on your life.  Make another friend today and embrace the changes and impact we have on others.

The Best Ever Solution for Great Looking Skin

Posted by on Sep 19, 2017 in Lifestyle, Problem Solving, Skin Care | Comments Off on The Best Ever Solution for Great Looking Skin


Rodan + Fields AMP MD System Combines a Clinically Proven Micro-Exfoliating Roller with a Retinol/Peptide Serum For Visible Benefits

A Whole New Approach
With the introduction of the Rodan + Fields patent-pending AMP MD System, Stanford-trained dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields provide a powerful solution to address the visible signs of aging. Designed to work synergistically with the REDEFINE Regimen to provide optimum anti-aging results, this unique system pairs new AMP MD, a clinically proven micro-exfoliating roller based on tools used by dermatologists, with the potent retinal and peptide complex of Night Renewing Serum.

Bringing the Dermatologist to the Home, Yet Again
“For most ingredients, optimal bio-availability presents a huge challenge because by design our outermost skin layer is conditioned to keep things out,” said Dr. Rodan. “In our dermatology offices, Dr. Fields and I use devices to enhance delivery of key anti-aging ingredients. With AMP MD we have taken our office-based technology and developed a powerful at-home, medically proven tool that anyone can safely and easily use to enhance the results multi-fold.”

The Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Regimen is a four-product, daily system that layers potent doses of dermatology-proven active cosmetics to combat the visible signs of skin aging from various angles. The AMP MD System was designed to be used at night and followed by REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum to fortify skin’s barrier while you sleep. In the morning complexion appears visibly smooth, supple and resilient. Used together, the AMP MD System and the REDEFINE Regimen, support the natural processes essential to, visibly firming skin and reducing the appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness. The result: visibly radiant, luminous, younger looking skin.

“We think of the AMP MD System as our secret tool, that we are now able to share with everyone,” said Dr. Fields. “I’ve been using the roller every night and I absolutely love how it has changed my skin. I see better texture, tone and color within days of use. In fact, it’s the best at-home tool I’ve ever used. It’s a painless, elegant solution that delivers visible results to skin.”

“We like to think about your skin the way we think about a dusty table,” says Dr. Rodan. “A table covered in dust is dull and drab, just like skin that is covered in a layer of old, dead cells. When you use a duster to clear away the table, it looks great.

Clinical Results
After 8 weeks of REDEFINE Regimen and AMP MD System use, participants in an independent clinical study achieved the following results:

Rodan + Fields AMP MD 4 piece system: Suggested Retail Price: $200 (2 month supply)

AMP MD is a non-invasive skincare roller clinically proven to safely and effectively exfoliate the uppermost layer of the skin.

Night Renewing Serum: Packaged in a single use capsule, this serum contains a potent, proprietary blend of peptides and retinol that work overnight to refresh skin for a visibly firm, smooth, younger-looking complexion. Peptides reduce the appearance of wrinkles and increase visible skin firmness. Retinol enhances cell turnover to improve skin texture and minimize the appearance of pores.

AMP MD Purification Tablets & Cleansing Vial: This 2 month supply of purifying tablets, along with the Cleansing Vial, sterilize and optimize the efficiency of the AMP MD roller. Twice weekly, fill Cleansing Vial with very warm (not hot) water. Drop one Purification Tablet into water and immediately immerse AMP MD in sterilizing solution for 15 minutes. Water will instantly turn blue to let you know the tablet is working. When blue color fades, remove AMP MD and follow with a splash of rubbing alcohol. Allow to dry thoroughly.

An AMP MD System Replenishment Pack that contains a 2 month supply of the Night Renewing Serum Capsules along with a 2 month supply of the Purification Tablets is available for $107. (The Replenishment Pack does not contain the re-useable AMP MD Roller or Cleansing Vial.)

For best results, use the AMP MD System at least three nights per week, after you’ve cleansed and toned with the REDEFINE Regimen. Increase to nightly use as tolerated. With gentle pressure, roll the AMP MD over entire face and neck, 4-10 times, changing directions with each pass. After rolling, apply a Night Renewing Serum Capsule and follow with Overnight Restorative Cream to help fortify the skin’s protective barrier and replenish reserves overnight. AMP MD is not recommended for sensitive skin.

Rodan + Fields, at the forefront of clinical skin care, merges effective over-the-counter medicines with active cosmetics to provide real and visible results. Committed to bringing dermatology to the home, the brand offers solutions for everyday skin issues targeting them with dedicated regimens designed to take the guesswork out of skin treatment. Each regimen uses a step-by-step system called Multi-Med Therapy that addresses all aspects of a skin condition.

Adventures with the sun and moon – Eclipse 2017

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So let’s make sure we are free all day for the eclipse – that is the way  the conversation started.  I really just wanted to stay put, stay home,  97% is good.  My husband said, “97% is not good, 100% is good”.

So the adventure begins.  Now to decide where to go to get 100%.  We decided to go to Driggs, Idaho which is a favorite place of ours.  We have a magical place on the way to Grand Targee.  A small little pull off; hay field in the forefront, a farm house in the back ground with the Teton Mountains as a back drop.

We started at 5 am Monday, August 21, 2017.  We were given advice to fill up our vehicle with fuel and take along food; as fuel and food could have a limited supply.  They was projecting 150,000 converging on this small area in Idaho.

We drove from Big Sky, Montana to Island Park, Tetonia, and then into the Driggs, Idaho area.  The closer we got to Grand Targee the more signs we saw for parking and camping.  Parking was anywhere from $10-$50 and camping was upwards of $150 per night.  We heard of people renting their homes out in the area for $1200 per night.  Just before entering Driggs we headed up to Grand Targee and immediately found lots of people.

Driggs, Idaho is magical, for the scenery and landscape.  I am a farm and ranch girl from northern Montana and late August is the season for harvesting the crops.  As we hit the top of the hill before Driggs and ready to descend into the area, we stop.  We stop and breath.  There is farm land, crops as far as the eye can see.  Patchwork with golden crops, rotational fields awaiting next years crops and alfalfa.  For this farm kid, this sight is impressed in my mind as beauty.  Now smell the alfalfa being cut and baled and the crops being cut, combines and trucks in the fields.

It took us about 3 hours to get to the Grand Targee area.  Fortunate for us, we found our magical spot with ease.  12 of our best friends, that we have never met before also were at this spot.  We set up house – cooler, chairs, blankets, and camera gear.  Our dog is along for the family event, Bert is her name, short for Bertha, a rescue griffon mix, 8 year old dog that goes and does everything with us. Sun screen is applied and comments made about how hot it is and not bringing umbrellas or some type of shelter.  No shelter in the pasture, a couple of trees that provide some shade.  Oh, did I mention that I have a skin care business, sun and no sun screen was my life as a farm kid, so repair of my skin is now my challenge, lucky for me I found a great company.   My husband is a photographer, this adds a whole new dimension to traveling.  Now you get the picture of a van filled with camera gear – couple of camera bodies, lenses, camera bags and tripods.

Setting up and comparing camera gear with those we now are calling family is the beginning of our experience.  Sharing beverages and food.  Everyone is watching the time and when 10:30 am arrives, the anticipation has built to an epic level.  Some people have seen a eclipse before and are giving educational tips and what to expect.  I do remember going through an eclipse as a child and seeing the eclipse through a shoe box we built in school.  People are sharing where they are from in the US, and what brought them to the area.  One of those we befriended is a singer song writer from Utah, Mary Kaye, a western music artist. They were on their way home from Lewistown, Montana, swinging 6 hours out of their way to see Mother Nature put on a show.

The movement of the moon begins.  For awhile before the eclipse we were questioning; where is the moon.  With the moon moving ever so slowly across the sun, NASA eclipse glasses on, we watch with wonder as the moon begins to move over the sun.  When the moon gets 3/4 of the way over the sun – now things are getting interesting.  A quiet comes over and becomes so quiet it is very noticeable.  The birds begin to move and chirp more.  Then a rooster begins to crow as more and more light is covered.  Now it is getting cool, not wait it is not cool, it is cold and the temperature has dropped about 25 degrees.  When the eclipse is 100% there is a sunrise 360 degrees that lights up the entire horizon with the sky a pitch black.  Putting on the eclipse glasses there is nothing, completely black.  I was caught off guard with the emotion and tears that begin to run down peoples faces, cheering all around us, the mountains are reverberating with cheers for Mother Nature. The hillside and mountain area is filled with people.  Some people are trying to photograph, others are standing still and others are trying to video the whole experience.  As the moon moves, shadows and light changes are taking place.  Warmth is returning and brightness comes back so quickly.  More and

more sun is coming out, now it is hot again.  Once the eclipse is over and we know more and more sun is coming out, we disband, leaving our new found friends, pack up and start our trek home.

Packed up and ready to leave, the traffic is noticeably heavy.  As we leave the Driggs, Idaho area and enter Island Park, traffic comes to a complete stop.  Zero miles an hour, completely stopped and vehicles are in the road for as far as you can see.  Instead of sitting in the road, we pull off and empty our bladders behind a tree that has obviously been used by others.  We set up our tent and get out the chairs, food and beverages and have a picnic along the side the road.  Cars pull off, other people use the tree and get back in traffic.  People are running along side to get some exercise and get out of their vehicles to stretch.  A car from California pulls up and 3 young men get out and come over to visit, we share beverages and talk about the fact they are trying to get back home, Los Angeles, California.  We make introductions and find out that one of the young men is an artist in Los Angeles and we talk for some time about the eclipse experience.  Finding words is

difficult.  Ultimately it is like trying to tell someone what salt tastes like.  You cannot explain the taste of salt, it has to be personally experienced and that is the same with an eclipse, there are not words, you need to experience it personally.

After about an hour we got back in traffic and then it become apparent that there were personnel in the road directing traffic, which was coming from all directions and there could be 150, 000 in the area.

We did make it home and have a had an incredible eclipse experience and am so glad we went to 100% eclipse.  Thanks to my husband, Paul Bussi, who has adventure in his bones.



How To Quickly Start A Blog

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How To Quickly Start A Blog

 Think about your theme and how you want your website to look.  I use and find it easy.  If you don’t want to use Word Press.

Check out:

  • Blogger – Definitely the next best thing to WordPress.
  • Tumblr – Half social network, half blog. Interesting, and simple to use.

Come up with a domain name.  Your domain name needs to represent the focus of your website; I used Blue Host for my domain name and hosting of my website.

Your blog should represent your personality, so the theme of your blog should be something that you are attracted to. If you don’t like football, then forget football.

There are lots of websites for newbie bloggers:

Enjoy your new blog!

15 Ways To Discover Your Passion

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As my life passes on, my passions are stronger and more defined.  If it wasn’t for the failures in my life I would have never found my passions.

Learning what your talents and gifts are and then putting them together with your passion and finding what you love to do will have profound effects on your life.

I grew up on a farm and ranch in northern Montana with a father that was a great teacher and politician.  He taught me to work hard, have a work ethic and have the ability to start and lead a conversation. My mom was an incredible cook, caregiver and hired hand, with the ability to do all things.

By the time I was 6 years old I was driving farm equipment. I had a farmers drivers license at the age of 12 and my a checking account.

In college I knew management was my major and then marketing had an appeal. Although learning was always fun, studying and passing an exam was challenging.

Today, I’m fortunate to say that I have found my passion; empowering others, solving problems and building startup companies.

I continue to watch people struggle in their professions, looking for something else and not knowing where to look.

Here are some steps that can assist you in discovering your passions

1) What are your talents and gifts

What are you good at or what comes natural.  What do you enjoy doing?  What do you do in your free time?  What makes you feel like a kid?

What have others complimented you on? Ask your family and friends what you are good at, what they see as your talents and gifts.

2) What things irritate or cause frustration

Are there people or personalities that annoy you? Who in your life makes you angry and why?  My father told me sitting around was a waste of time, keep busy and productive.  I have since learned that quiet, reflective time is important and being busy doesn’t always lead to productivity.

3) What can you do late into the night

Can you read late into the night?  Are you working on that jigsaw puzzle until it is done? Do you dance until the last person is gone?

4) When can you do quickly, that comes natural

What are able to do with little or no thought, it comes almost natural.  You could this in your sleep.

5)  What are you curious about

Find your motivations and those things that keep you awake at night trying to figure out. Ask yourself what you would do with $1,000,000,000.

6)  What are your peak moments  

What moments and events in your life seem to define who you are?  No matter whether the event was pleasant or not, make a list and see if the moments have similarities.

7) Inventory your day

Take an inventory of your day for 30 days.  What do you like, what do you not like.  Is there a pattern.

8) Who do you spend your time with

Are those people you spend time with encouraging or frustrating?  Who you like to spend time with and why?

9) What puts a smile on your face

What lights up your face?  What makes you smile?  What television programs make you the happiest? What makes you peaceful?

10) What would you do for free

Think about something that you would just love to do, no matter the pay or even without pay. What would get you out of bed at 5AM.

11) What do you talk about

Ask friends and family what you talk about the most.  What do you post about most on social media?

12) Slow down

Take a camping trip, get away, hike into the woods, stay in a hotel away from home. Do something different;  yoga, walk, or sit quietly reading.

13) What do you do for fun

In your spare time what you like to do?  Where do you go and what do you do on vacations?  What makes you smile? What makes you laugh?

14) What are your unique characteristics

How do you differentiate from others. What do you do different from your friends.  Make a list; coffee, how do you cook a certain recipe, gardening, designing your home. Has anyone made comments on what a great idea or way something is done?

15) Find a mentor

Find someone who you respect, that is able to listen and wants to see you find your passions.  Hire a coach, read a book or do research on the internet.


Answer these questions and then start.  It does no good to have an inclination and stay put – go forward and try something new and creative. Here are some ideas.



Blog about your passions. Write on any topic you can imagine.

Teach / tutor / mentor

Start with volunteering for a few hours a week. Teach at Sunday school, volunteer in the school or mentor a child in your neighborhood.

Be of service

Remove snow for your neighbor, help with a painting project, mow your neighbors lawn, walk your friends dog and the list goes on.


Use our smart phone

Make videos. What app do you spend most of time with on your phone? Create an ad for a company that you like or shop at.

Produce and sell

If you like gardening, making cards, handmade soaps, jewelry, homemade foods, etc.  Produce a small amount and sell them at a farmers market or to your neighbors and friends.  What comments do you get about these products?

Take a class

Find an online class, a class at a community college or private company that interests you.  Get on line and look at the classes that are offered at a college and find a subject that sparks questions or interest.


Find a day and a couple of hours a week to volunteer; maybe at school, the library, museum, hospital or nursing home. What knowledge or connections do you have that can assist others?


Find a solution

Do you see an issue at work, home or in your community?  Have you ever commented on how something should be done differently?  Make a plan and present it to a committee.


For more information on Pamela Bussi go to and request a free 30 minute conversation (subject line – free 30 minute conversation)

12 Tips on How to Pack Light For Your Next Vacation

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Go Light – When It Comes To Packing

Saying you are taking one suitcase and taking one suitcase is another thing all together.  So I tried this on a recent 12 day trip to New York City.

1 Know what clothing and especially shoes are worn in the area you are traveling to.  In New York City many people, especially women wear tennis shoes and flats, because of the walking and running to catch the subway.

2 Wear clothing more than one day and layer your clothing

3 Forget all the fancy shoes and take what is needed to be comfortable.

4 Toiletries – this is where I struggle.  So get some little containers.  Forget packing shampoo, rinse, and blow dryer for hair as most places will provide these in your lodging. Body wash and sun block can be purchased once you arrive at your destination, usually inexpensively.

5 Find coats that are warm, yet not bulky.  I take my puffy coat, it is like a sleeping bag and folds up very small, yet is warm.

6 Choose clothing that doesn’t wrinkle, thin fabric and can be worn with several things.  Take tops that can be worn with a skirt as well as shorts and pants.  Take colors that won’t show stains.

7 Pack for 7 days, no matter how long your traveling, pack just for 7 days when it comes to clothing.  Use shampoo to wash clothing and hang in the shower to dry. Most lodging provides an iron, if wrinkling is an issue.

8 Roll clothing and pack vertically.  You can roll pants and a shirt together, skirt and a shirt, shorts and a shirt. Solid colors go together, better than patterns.  Pick a main color and have your clothing all go together with that main color.

9 If you are asking yourself, “what if” – then don’t pack it.  What if it rains, What if it snows, What if we go clubbing, What if………..

10 Put things together – put socks in shoes. Put undergarments in pockets.

11 Forget all the jewelry.  Bring 1-2 pairs of earrings, and a necklace that can be worn with many different colors of clothing.  Leave the bracelets at home.

12 Wear the bulky clothing and shoes on the plane. Boots and jeans take up space, so wear them to your destination.

Now go and enjoy!!!

7 Steps to Create the Perfect Tan in Minutes

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It’s spring time in the Rockies.  And the white winter skin wants to come out in the sun.

An even full body tan with amazing skin is not a dream, it can be reality.  A golden -brown tan can help you look slimmer. No self tanner can replace the serotonin and Vitamin D that mother nature provides.  Starting out the season with some color is desirable.

Get your bathing suit out and let’s get tan.   Here are 7 steps to keep in mind when tanning for the spring and summer seasons

1 SPF Sun Protection

Use protection anytime you are outside or even work inside with windows that allow sun to come in.  SPF protection should be applied every two hours to any skin that is not covered.

2 Exfoliate

Exfoliate your skin before applying self tanning.  Get the dead skin off  to help make your suntan even and natural looking.

3 Hydration

After exfoliating apply a fragrance-oil free lotion or hydration product to your skin, especially the ankles, feet, knees and elbows.  These areas are dryer than other parts of your skin and can cause uneven tanning.

4 Self Tanning

Apply the self tanner, evenly and making certain it is fully rubbed in over all parts of the skin that are desired to be tanned.  Allow the tanner to dry fully before putting on clothing.

5 Scrub Your Hands

Exfoliate your hands after applying the self tanner, especially between fingers and over knuckles.

6 Go Outdoors

Apply SPF outdoors as usual with self tanners. Moisturize the skin and hydrate with water throughout the day.  Protect your eyes with sunglasses and wearing a hat helps with sun on the face.

7 Shower and Moisturize

Shower after being outside and having applied SPF, getting the oils and dirt off your skin.  Moisture your skin with a moisturizer after a shower.


How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots on Your Face

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Want to get rid of those dark spots?!?

Try Rodan and Fields REVERSE regimen! Clean the slate and see a brighter future for your skin. Exposure to the sun and the environment can leave you with less-than-youthful skin. Erase the appearance of premature aging including brown spots dullness and discoloration with REVERSE. REVERSE Regimen exfoliates visibly brightens reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and defends against sun exposure for a long-term solution for a radiant complexion.

Exposure to the sun and environment can accelerate early signs of aging, including dullness, discoloration and uneven skin tone. Clean the slate and see a brighter future for your skin with the REVERSE Brightening Regimen.

Based on our Multi-Med® Therapy, REVERSE Brightening Regimen is a complete skincare system that combines cosmetic and OTC ingredients to visibly brighten and even discolored skin. The highly effective formulas contain Vitamin C and Retinol to provide a long-term solution for a more radiant, even complexion.  Use the deep exfoliating wash twice daily. REVERSE the brightening of your skin with toner. Apply Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen ever 2-3 hours when exposed to the sun.


Posted by on Apr 27, 2017 in Lifestyle, Problem Solving, Skin Care | Comments Off on ⭐️⭐️CREATE RESIDUAL INCOME!⭐️

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