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Social Media photo for website  Know your markets and audience. Gather data, define a path, strive for goals and create a business.

Forget sales and selling.

Making money is important and may be the end goal, but getting to the end goal will have nothing to do with money, rather it will be about relationships and marketing, telling your story.

Define a mission statement, understand the why’s of a business with the ability to share it with others with ease and passion. Kmary-ernesto-0175,editnow the who, what, where, when, why and how of your business.

Development relationships and networks of those who want to see you succeed. Have a team that works with your goals, passions, limitations and boundaries.

Stick with a plan, guidance and striving to see the end results. Make a difference, cause something to happen. Thinking is fine, but action will create results, thinking is just thinking.

Be consistent and follow through. Follow up and follow up.

Forget about perfection.Enter custoBecky and Eric Wedding Edited Pics_4082 Montana Wedding  Being vulnerable is attractive.

Become a story teller in your market or business. Know your story, share your story, involve others in your story, request stories from others and be available for storytelling and rewriting your storytelling.

Really, so what is business development. Seeking new markets and enhancing the current markets is a part of business development. DSC_7944Knowing the industry trends and what lies ahead. Collecting data, understanding and relating the data.

The How-To of developing a business – Know your product or service. Distribution and production of your product or service details. What is the input and the output.

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