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Be Active on Social Media. Get a presence and keep your name in front of your audience. Do the basics; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Build a profile, get a great photo, know your business or event and share it through words and photos.

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Keep your profile of your business, event and personality up to date and fresh with new information, new photos and create posts several times a week. Know our audience and what type of social media to use.

If you are new and do not yet have a large enough following on social media, you can consider paid advertising on social media. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube offer cost-effective advertising options for businesses.

Social media allows for chit and chat, hearing from your audience, listen more and talk less. Read what your audience is talking about and be prepared to assist.

Focus your social media content to less than 5 subjects and be specific with your content. Define your audience and speak to them on a regular basis.

Be patient, new clientele is not going to happen overnight. Be a light and keep flickering. Build your audience little by little with quality not quantity. It does no good to have 10,000 followers, if they are not followers that will use your service or talents.

Share and guide on social media. Connect with an audience of like minded individuals and companies. Offer your talents and ideas to those in the same industry without giving away your company.

Build relationships, acknowledge those that reach out to you. Be honest, ethical and professional.

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