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DSC_2760editfavSkin for your wedding day, fashion shoot or portraiture.  Beautiful teeth, beautiful skin.   Hands that tell a story. Good skin care will translate into a good self image.  Hands that tell your age, lines of distinction and a complexion that show signs of life – all can be handled with good skin care.

Choose a regimen that works with your skin type.

Get started today with the skin you desire today.

Skin Care in the networking marketing field, adding revenue streams to an existing business model.  My clients include; dentists, spas, salon owners, wedding boutiques, and nail technicians.

What does network marketing look like?   No boss, no employees, positive feedback, unlimited income, residual income, retirement funding, time freedom, personal growth, international travel, tax benefits and fun!

Most jobs or careers fall into one of five categories:

  • Blue-Collar-performing manual labor
  • White-Collar-performing professional, managerial and administrative work
  • Sales-production pay, commission based on selling of a product or service
  • Business Ownership-boss and calling the shots
  • Investing-real estate, stock market and return on investments

In the past you would go to school, get hired by an employer, work for 40 years and retire – NO Green DressMORE – Now you go to school, get hired by an employer, switch companies every five to seven years based on political or economical reasons and keep working after 40 years.

When choosing a network marketing company look for:

  • A stable company
  • Excellent products with a proven track record
  • The compensation plan
  • Company management and integrity
  • Growth and momentum in the market

Skin care is a natural additional revenue stream from my photography.  This type of revenue stream has created income that continues long after the photo shoot.  No parties, no inventory, strictly web based.  Delivery straight to the doors of my clients.